Inner Circle Journal Online Class

Inner Circle Journal
Online, April 21-May 15, 2011
Registration beginning now and closes April 18
First Supply video will be April 18!
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Get into your creative circle with this book and art journaling class.

Week 1. One 20"x30" art paper will be covered*. The techniques will be surface designs with acrylic paint techniques: color mixing, using glazes and flow release medium, color spilling and resists.
*Note: you may work smaller as necessary or make 2-3 books.

Week 2. Make the book. Designing stencils with an emphasis on using resources to design. Ink spills.

Week 3. The art of spilling. Create a resource of prompts for yourself. Using collage as background. Using Portfolios with gesso and pencils. Sgraffito techniques.

Week 4. Line spilling, drawing basics, spill writing. A letter to your critic. Tabs galore!

Here's how it will work
A week (or so) before class begins, I will send you a video link and a pdf that will describe all of the materials we will use. Every week, you will receive a PDF outlining the main techniques of that week's lesson.

Each week, videos demonstrating the techniques will be available.

You will be invited to a private blog to upload pictures of your work, ask questions and post any ideas that come to mind.

I'll answer questions via the blog.
The videos will be private and accessed through links on the blog.

I'll work along with you through each lesson. As new ideas emerge, we'll be able to work with them.
My students always inspire me and so it goes. The syllabus is a skeleton to be fleshed out as we go along.

The Supply List (generally speaking)
large sheet of art paper (22"x30x)
3 acrylic paint colors
paint brushes, flats and rounds
ink in bottles
spray mister
stamp pads
gel medium
masking tape
Detail, Brush Strokes

Stamp, stencil, writing, collage and stitch
Cover. Acrylic paint, stencil and fabric