Sunday, November 30, 2008

holiday tags

I made Pannettone French toast for breakfast this morning. Yes! It is sweet (don't add any extra sugar to the egg/milk soak). The Pannettone box was so pretty that I cut it up and used a large round punch to make gift tags. You don't need the punch, you could just cut out some shapes. Poke a hole into the top of the tag and insert a bit of ribbon, yarn, what-have-you, fill in the back and tape it to your package (or tie it). There should be plenty of beautiful junk mail coming your way in the next couple of weeks.


Bess said...

What an eco-friendly way to use junk mail! It's like your getting back at the system!

Milliande said...

I love the idea for making tags with a punch.. did not think of that..was using junk mail for making junk art journals thanks for the tip :-)
♥ milliande