Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OoLaLa Fabric!

So here's what happened: I was chatting with a couple of fellow Mamacita artists recently and we decided to make a field trip to Fabric Row in Philly with a side trip to Spool Sewing and their sister store Loop Yarn. I said "well, I'm not buying any fabric but I'll bring my camera to take pictures for the blog." Ahem ... not buying fabric.at the fabric mecca.yep.kidding myself.

(Fabric Row is along 4th Street south of South Street, by the way).
There I was merrily snapping (digitally) away and not buying any fabric. I was perfectly fine. No problem.

Then we got to Maxie's Daughter, 724 So. 4th Street.

I found some nice (great bargain) lightweight suit fabric (1/2 yard) and was content with kidding around with the owner about his lack of a remnant box ("This whole store is a remnant box"). I pawed the trims, sifting buttons through my fingers like gold dust and ran my hands lasciviously over silks and linens. But I was satisfied with looking and the lovely tactile experience. Until ...

Owner: "Would you like to see the basement?"
Us: "The basement?"
Owner: "Yeah, we've got a basement full of old fabric. Good prices."

We follow the guy to the back of the store. A metal gate is unlocked and ratcheted up (we exchange creeped-out glances). The wooden door is unlocked. Twice. We gaze down a set of very rickety steps. Is there really a floor full of old fabrics down there? We carefully descend.

Yes, there are treasures down here: barkcloth, silks, slubbed silks, prints, retro stuff. There was fabric down there from the 40's. You'd have to be a goat to have gotten to some of it but we did our best.

And yes, I caved. The prices were not quite as fabulous as they could have been. In retrospect, we should have done a bit of bargaining. If you are in town, check it out. (You know I love you 'cause I'm sharing this, right?)
Here's a shot of a couple of bolts (the lighting wasn't great down there).

More from Fabric Row soon.


Ontheroad said...

I love ole fabric--you teased me into a possible trip to Philly.

Diana said...

Let me know if you are coming to town, Ontheroad! I'm always looking for an excuse.

Karen Cole said...

Thanks for the heads up on the fabric and the comment on my blog, Diana!!!