Monday, March 16, 2009

smiling and other simple joys

It has come to my attention that there is an economic crisis and it is, apparently, global. Have you heard about it? What's that you say? You've heard nothing else but about "it"? It may be time to hunt down some simple joy in your life. Most of the time you can get truly joyful for $0.00.

I have a little glass shelf in my kitchen window for things that make me happy. These things are always small - a metaphor, perhaps? Anywho, I love my Momiji Dolls. Someday I will add to the collection (not today, what with the econ. crisis), the 4 little glass owls, my friend found in a thrift shop, the vase is hand-knit and the flowers made with origami paper. That's a lotta joy.

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Bess said...

Hmm...that shelf sure does look familiar. Love the owls.