Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Journaling "Crazy House"

My art journaling experience is never planned. Well, maybe not "never", but the best times are when I'm just rolling along, flying by the seat of my pants with nothing in mind. It comes from "deep", ya' know? Why did that picture of the hamster in the rolling ball speak to me? Why did I write "Crazy House" at the top of the page. I didn't know at the time but, geez! OK, I've got it now.

I don't think that it is easy to work this way. I think it takes practice, it takes a certain letting go that comes to you with time. Letting go of possible future mistakes. Letting go of putting your thoughts into a box. I don't know what I'm feeling! That's what the journal is for: a space to allow me to speak from deep.

What I used for this journal page: Ink pad smooshed onto page, stencilled, red pen, black pen, colored pencils, gesso, rubber stamps and approximately one hour.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diana!
I found your blog through the Art & Soul messages! I am thoroughly enjoying my visit and plan to come back. I get to Art& Soul sometime on Friday...not sure that I'd be there by 7 though. I live in Alexandria,Va, and we'll be making our trek south that evening. Where are you in PA? I grew up in Parkesburg which is about an hour from Philadelphia...closer to Amish country. Your journal pages are your style!