Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Makin' Bracelets

Makin' mountains of "stuff" lately for upcoming shows and Etsy. Here are some new cuff-style bracelets. I used some those fabulous Byzantia paints from Stuart Gill from Artist's Cellar. I love the Byzantia paints: they have a very cool label as well (I am major marketing sucker). When I opened the jar of paint, I had that urge to taste it which I resisted but I can't help but wonder what that Fra Angelica color tastes like. They are a bit thicker and more opaque then the Lumiere Paints (which I love as well and have never tasted). I made the bracelets from "Grungeboard". Here's a description from Tim Holtz's website "Grungeboard is a gray, pliable synthetic material, similar to soft rawhide."

OK, anyway it seemed like a good material to me. It doesn't tear or crush and is very lightweight and comfortable. I got the smooth sheets so I could go crazy making patterns and use some of my handcarved stamps as well. Interesting material. Here's a couple more bracelets all varnished up and lookin' lovely.


Anonymous said...

Those look like fun to make! and wear!

Bess said...

I love the blue on the inside of the one in the back....It's like a secret for your arm when you're wearing it.

Michele said...

Wow - very cool!