Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer School

Summer is time for having some fun right? Taking advantage of the lighter work load and general easier lifestyle of summer, it always feels like a good time for me to learn something new or sharpen old skills. I bought a couple of "textbooks", sharpened my pencils, got a new notebook and am ready to start in.

I've been a bit bored with my color decisions of late. They all seem "ho-hum, done it before." So, first up is Color Master, 10 principles for Creating Stunning Quilts. I've always enjoyed making color wheels so this looked good. Here's my first exercise.

It was fun making my little off-kilter color wheel with fabric scraps and already my eyes feel sharper.

The book seems pretty good at explaining the basic theories of color for beginners. I wish the photographs were larger, though.

Colorfulworld has been my basic go-to book for color inspiration for a few years. This is a beautiful book, just page after page of photographs of glorious, sumptuous color. I noticed that you can get a great deal on it via amazon.

Anyway, I'll use these two books together, making samples and swatches in my new notebook. I love summer school!

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