Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Acts of Blogging

One unfriendly lookin' plant, right? But have you ever tasted these toothsome lovelies? They look like raspberries but are not hairy, are a bit smaller and are a hotter pink. And boy! are they good. Bess brought some home from a certain park which cannot be named, and we ate 'em up.

We discovered that they taste particularly delicious when you eat them in a 2:1 ratio with blueberries. Here's the scoop: they grow in the woods but are an invasive species so if you find them, feel free to pick and eat. Interestingly, considering the next bit of randomness, they are native to Japan and Korea.

Currently coveting this Japanese sewing set (via Zakka Zakka). I love "sets". So small, so self-contained. So expensive. Yikes. $107.00 *US - before shipping.

One more thing. If you like free fonts, you might want to check out FontFace. Many, many free fonts and, of course, some that you might want to purchase.

Happy Sunday Morning!


Karen Burnham said...
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Karen Burnham said...

I can't get the unfriendly plant photo to show up. Well, maybe later.

Thanks for the free fonts! I like the free!

Happy Sunday morning, yourself!