Thursday, August 27, 2009

Package from Japan!

I got this lovely package from Japan the other day from Siesta at Etsy. Mairuru hand sews every single item and it was a thrill to receive a package with such attention to detail. I love my new drawstring bag, made from my favorite shibori dot fabric with Sashiko embroider.
If you have an Etsy shop or do shows/internet sales, there are some great ideas for packaging here. The envelope was cut from a cheap-o map of Tokyo, the tiny note with a drawing made this package seem very personal and Mai's business card is simply handwritten on a bit of cardstock. The inclusion of the fabric charm and origami crane and hat were a lovely surprise.

Really folks! If you haven't investigated Etsy yet, please do!

My shop is pretty empty at the moment, but you can check the shops that I've favorited. I highly recommend them all.

Don't forget to add your comments here. I'm still putting names in the hat for the Lucky Penny doll drawing.

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