Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

I love these folks! Their gallery has such a positive energy; the art is accessible, fun, sad, dark, light, human. The vibe is exuberant.
734-736 South Street, Philly
Wed-Sun 3-8 pm


Anonymous said...

What absolute fun! I'm only about 3 hours from Philly...grew up about an hour away. I'm making plans to get here. THanks for sharing!

Diana said...

let me know when you are coming to town! I'd love to meet you

~Barb~ said...

Oh My! I am so in love with this gallery and all the wonderful art they've created. How cool! Thank you so much for sharing.
Peace & Love,

anna maria said...

I loved the dolls on the wall as well as the idea of using an album cover with the drawings.
That was a great little visit to a gallery I will probably never get to, since I live in San Francisco!
Thank you for sharing it.