Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Journaling Lately

It is kind of a culture shock sitting in the Tampa Airport waiting for my connecting flight to New Orleans, posting about a batch of journaling done in Vermont. Highly Irregular.

I've been writing and drawing with ink in my journals lately. Time has been short and there's been a lot of ... well, hub bub is the best description. I'm not really into "hub-bubbery" but this has certainly been a great ride. It is nice right now to have the time (3 hour layover) to organize all the snippets of posts that have been written.

In between all the excitement, journaling has been sparse but rewarding. I haven't been making the usual colorful messes at my art desk. I sit down with the Awe-Manac by Jill Badonsky and get some great jump-starts and quotes. Selvedge Magazine is a very occasional treat for me and is a rich source of textural and pattern inspiration. Taking a walk and breathing in the fall weather and watching the leaves fall is always a way for me to reconnect with the center of myself.

The above page was inspired by the Awe-Manac: 8 things I love about October.

See you in New Orleans!


Lucrecer said...

I so love peeking in to other people's journals. love it.

Anonymous said...

Diana, I got your book and I love it! I've held on to the card you gave us at the Art&Soul Journal meet and greet this year and have been waiting for it. I couldn't wait to order it online (I'm impatient). My son has been joining me in the studio lately and we started journaling together a couple weeks ago. Then I got your book as a guide for us. He completely goes his own way but it's great! I love your technique and teaching style and the videos you do. I hope I'll make it back to A&S 2010!

Ramona Davidson said...

Love your journal. We need to see more of it.