Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Journaling Lately Part 2

It is time to get messy again and work more intuitively in my journal. If you'd like to play along, get yourself the following:
couple of old magazines
glue stick
gesso (or paint or skip this step)
portfolios, oil pastels, caran d'ache (or whatever you'd like to use for color)

I pulled out two magazines on their way to recycling: Bust and AARP (weird combination) and quickly, began to leaf through and tear out images, whatever grabbed my eye... Barbie in a facial mask, weird-looking guy in sunglasses, bunch of balloons, middle-aged woman, branches, a bird. Some celeb dressed up as Miss America. I made a little pile of the torn-out images.

Try to work quickly, it will help you work  intuitively.
Again, working quickly I loosely arranged some of the images on my page. The middle-age woman eventually took  center-stage. A-Ha! Next up: Portfolios, all over except for that lovely, happy-looking middle aged woman. Now for some gesso. Some areas got a ghostly, rubbed in coat. More Portfolios. A word or two.

I feel much better. How about you?

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