Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thank You.

Lake Champlain from the Ferry Boat - oolala

Do you all know how much I appreciate your kind comments about Journal Spilling? You folks are so generous! GROUP HUG! I love you guys, sniff-sniff. Really. (Keep 'em comin', tee hee.)

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to see a show at Snyderman Works tomorrow night, 303 Cherry Street (Philly) where I will get to meet Karen Cole and see her scrumptious work in person, along with Ellen Benson of Dumpster Diver's fame. Yeah!

Saturday we go to the National League Champions THE PHILLIES game. Would I know anything about this if I weren't married to a life-long baseball fan? I think ... not.


Mo'a said...

It was a wonderful show. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have been enjoying your older posts and videos.
The birds were magical :)

Karen Cole said...

Hi there Diana! It was great meeting you as well and thanks for the mention. I had a wonderful time...though I had no voice on Saturday.

I have yet to see, what looks to be, that beautiful book of yours. I hope to get a glimpse soon.

I was paging down through your blog. Your daughters tour was delightful.....and you were just in vermont on the ferry???? Do you know Elizabeth Bunsen? She lives within view of that ferry. You probably went right by her house. I just stayed there a few weeks ago.

Thanks again for coming out to see me.