Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journaling Inspiration

Check this out over at d'Blogala. She's doing a prompt every day for the month of November. Today the word is "safe". Excellent.

Above is a journal spread I did awhile back. I laid down colored bleeding (ewww!) tissue paper, and wet it and then, when the color bled out, lifted it. When it was dry I blew some ink around and then found shapes that appeared to be flowers. I did do some writing on this page and some collage. My scanner is still not hooked up to my new computer so that will have to wait.

Blow some ink around and think about the word "safe." Comments are welcome! Go ahead, comment!


Dawn said...

Thanks for the link, Diana! I love Journal Spilling...once I get some time to really sit down and POUR through it, I will review it on my blog! :)

Diana said...

Haha Dawn! Pour away.
Glad you are enjoying it!

suki.luvs.u said...

This is a great spread! I love the colors and the flowers you saw after laying the tissue. I usually just sprinkle watered down paint and rub the two pages together. I gotta try the tissue... ; )

Deb's Artful Journey said...

I love this spread and technique! I just bought your book today and cant wait to read a little and make a little art! Thank you for such a yummy book!

Debbie L

Anonymous said...

Love what you've done here Diana and yes, I will blow some ink around and see what happens! Your book is such an inspiration and so full of wonderful tips and prompts!! My fave is actually about putting together a travelling kit-and for the first time I will feel free to art it up wherever I go.

Anonymous said...

oops-I don't blog often-can you tell? Fogot to add my name to the last comment. Hi, I'm Linda Kunsman from PA!