Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eco Friendly Gift Coasters

Kevin: don't read this!!!

I'm back ... hopefully, you are here too! I've been consumed by busyness and now, blessedly, the show season is winding down and I'm just shopping, making and, best of all, getting ready for kids to come home! Yea! Everyone should be here by the weekend. How long do you call your kids "kids"? Maybe "offspring"? "The next gen"? What do you call your adult-sized young uns?

Anyways, in the clean-up after craft show process today, I had a million ideas (does that not drive you nuts? It drives me nuts. How am I supposed to clean up when all that "stuff" is inspiring me to make more "stuff"?) Anyway, here is a set of coasters I made for my nephew, Kevin. And it was fun, man; Really fun to draw on used CD's with a Sharpie.

CDs, Sharpie, felt, scissors, glue and fabric marking pencil (or colored pencil)

What to do:
Draw on your CD with a Sharpie. I chose drinking glass images. Patterns would be fun though, right? Oh boy, you could treat them as mandalas! Hmm... I may need to make more of these. OK, back to business.

On the felt, trace around the CD using a colored or fabric pencil; cut the felt circles out.

Put some glue around the outside of the back of the CD and press the felt down.

Bingo. Done. I'm gonna package these individually in CD envelopes.

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Joanne Huffman said...

The coasters are a great idea; I may have to borrow it. Have a great Christmas!