Thursday, February 4, 2010

Comment Conversation

Oh man! I love reading your comments. You all are so great: honest, real and funny! Here are some responses. Do you read the comments? There is some great stuff in there.

For you folks who are worrying that Stewie will get the upper hand in my time organization project, don't. I'm progressing slowly. I made a list of things I do each week such as blog, paint, sew, class prep, paint ;).

I've made up an index card for each task. In some cases, I've made up more than one card - as many cards as I want/need to do that task in a week. I'm not sure what to do next, though. A big board? A really big board? As to my lending Stewie out ... embrace your own inner Stewie (he's the guy with the pocket protector).

To Anon. in Pittsburgh. No plans to teach in your 'hood this year but would be happy to travel your way! I've got some great classes and venues coming up (more info to follow on VA, CA, CT and WA)

To Mary and others who are have trouble getting started lately: Yeah, me too. Do you have any ways that get you moving? I like to do simple rhythmic crafts. Right now, handsewing is very good. Papercutting is very good. Anything to keep me moving forward. Still making little felt hearts. Best of all? Just painting papers. Splashing around some watercolors, drawing designs on them with pencil.

What do you do? Share it with us.


Melly Testa said...

I am learning to make my own journals! You have to believe it is very exciting! I love to journal. And to make my own books? I want to figure out how to make my own journals with ease at home, using the most of my favorite watercolor paper.

Deborah A. Dugan said...

Funny you should post this today because I wanted to comment! Thank you for your wonderful book, Journal Spilling, and for two pen recommendations - the pilot razor pen (way fun) and the Sakura Gelly Roll (the only white pen that actually works for me). I've been feeling sort of stuck as well, so I signed up for an awesome online "Make Your Own Journal Class" (Comfortable Shoes Studio) and I bought some new things (inexpensive pens) to try, and I watched a couple of your YouTube videos and tried new techniques (I love resists too!). A big THANK YOU to you! Best, Deb D.

Joanne Huffman said...

I like to browse through books, blogs and magazines for inspiration. When I'm antsy to make something, but don't have an idea as to what, I make component parts (resin papers, wire wrapped thingies, fabric pieces, etc.) to use later

rhomany said...

re the cards...
I have a similar system I found on a blog one day.
It's a pinboard divided into days of the week by morning, afternoon & evening. I use luggage tags and write in pencil what I plan to do in that session. They're hung on pushpins and can be moved about as needed. It's a fab system and helps me so much.
I really wish I could find the link to where I saw it, she explained it so much better.

Marilyn said...

Just got into jounaling this year. My 60th. Yesterday, found your book at the library. I'm talking my friends into jounaling for their 60th BD. I watched some of your videos last night and I'm "spilling" all over this morning....Thanks for making this fun. PS the internet is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...
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Jane LaFazio said...

Diana, I just got your book today, Journal Spilling.YUM! I can't wait to dive in an play!

Nicks said...

Hi Popping in to say hello, just taken delivery of your book. Only managed a flick through but it is already inspiring - note to self make time to read it properly.
Loving your work!

Lynn Falkow-Short said...

Your blog is a true feast for the eyes! It's quite similar in tone to your book Journal Spilling which I take with me everywhere. But it is also educational, and nurturing. Wonderful and marvelous!

As a brand new blogger, and baby Etsy Shop owner I continually am trying to learn about the ways of these worlds wherever I go. Your blog, somehow, makes me feel like I'll figure it out. Go figure!

Anyway, thanks so much! As my young niece occasionally says, "You rock!"

Lynn Falkow-Short