Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Studio Redo

Welcome to my new studio.

Below is a shot from the classroom into the hallway with a little glimpse of my studio side.

What an amazing difference a coat of paint makes! Of course, it was hard to get to the walls in my studio there was so much trash in the way.

I'm extremely lucky to have great studio space on my third floor: a classroom, a studio and a bathroom. In a massive effort over the summer, a load of trash got cleared and I've been picking away at it since then. With my daughter home for a couple of months, I've put her to work with a paint brush. The entry is now a cheery periwinkle with fresh pear-green trim. The classroom is the inside of a juicy apricot. My studio space is still sorta white. Which I thought I'd like but am not diggin' at all. I think I need to be cocooned in color.

What did I clear?

Stuff that was given to me (awfully hard to refuse free stuff) that I'd never properly sorted.
Odd assortment of found objects that I loved and saw great potential in but just am not using.
Some things were donated, some are taking up space in the landfill.

The curtains on the landing were recycled straight out of my fabric stash. The skeletons were made ages ago by my kids and I for Halloween. The little chest was brought home from my husband and sitting atop it is a very funny fabric bird made by my friend, Susan. It is so good to be able to see and enjoy these things.


Joanne Huffman said...

Studio envy! I have taken over the sun porch (there's a gas stove, so it's what we call a "four season room." I really need to clean out the junk and organize (to be honest, the contents of the studio are slowly moving out into the rest of the house like a lava flow).

Rebecca said...

Wow, is that inspiring! I have been sitting in my studio craving a re-do lately. Yours looks great!

Jane LaFazio said...

wow is right! just gorgeous and I love the colors. Makes me feel more creative just looking at the pics!

Megan Greenholt said...

Lookin' good!
Does your daughter do house calls?

Ricë said...

fabulous, diana! i LOVE the colors! you must be singin' in there every day--