Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Working Together

Got some great book ideas in the comments on the last post. Thanks! I got a copy of Time Management from the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern from the library today. I loved her Organizing from the Inside Out and this looks good too. I ordered this planner. Ha! See what happens to the criminally disorderly? They get the sale price!

7 Habits looks like a winner as well and i know the library has it. Now I just need Stewie to come around and make me read these books so I can get back to the good stuff, like "Smelling the Flowers".

Of course, the tug to read Nature Inspired by Tracie Lynn Huskamp, is might strong. It's  a lovely book, full of ideas, techniques and projects. More about that and Tracie and her book later!


Anonymous said...
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Jane LaFazio said...

Lemme just say this. I hope you have better luck with reading your books on orgainizing than I've had on my recent purchase of diet books!! :-) And the moleskine planner is a great idea! Moleskine's are the best! I use a franklin covey planner and have for years and years. couldn't live (or accomplish anything) without it.