Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slow Cloth and Surface Design

A wee bit behind on posting. The days have been slipping by and the good weather tempting me outside. Saturday's ramble led me to a moving sale and the above sewing box! I love finding these. There are always scraps and bits and bobs; a little sewing history from a woman's life. The embroidered piece is mine. More in a moment.

Have I told you folks about Slow Cloth? Well hold on to your socks. This seems a good follow-up to my interview with Susan on Friday. I discovered them here on HandEye Magazine (drool). I go to visit those pieces frequently. Slow Cloth has a Facebook group as well, if you are interested.

In the meantiime, here are some of my extremely slow cloth pieces. My definition of "slow" in this case is: this is my relaxing-in-the- evening work, doodling around and playing with the pretty threads and colors. No pressure, no end product. There is a great value in that, don't you think? These pieces wind up being works (or is that "plays") in progress for as long as they want to be. The second one is sewn to an old canvas. Tactile (tactilian?) pleasures.


Dale Anne said...

Don't you just LOVE finding treasures like that!!!
LOVE your slow cloth - I'd have that hanging in my studio as inspiration for sure...LOL!
We should to a trade once my little Slow Cloth piece is done (within the next week or so).

Sarah Anderson said...

what a fabulous concept; it's how I feel about my art journal, and I have to say I loved doing bits n pieces on a corset round robin I did last year and have been trying to work out how to translate that into something I can do regularly.

cheryl said...

I find these colors very relaxing!
I guess this would be a great way
to have a tactile experience

Jane LaFazio said...

oh yea. you're talking my language!! slow stitchin' just for the fun of it. wonderful stuff!

Anonymous said...

hello, love this slowcloth concept, how would you make a quilt from old cloths and use this process?
Thank-you Linda

scj said...

This is a great idea and not one I am familair with at all. Thanks so much for sharing Diana.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Diana... I LOVE this idea... I have been fawning over a book I have on crazy quilt stitches but have yet to dive into the actual doing. I just need to create a small sampler that I can try my hand at.