Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sakura Pen Giveaway, the winner is

Congratulations to The Creative Wabbit for winning the Sakura Pen Giveaway. Thanks for all of your comments. I sure wish there could have been more winners.
By the way, Sakura has a YouTube channel here which is a ton o'fun and full of ideas. 
Some of you asked "Where Can I GET Sakura pens?" Jetpens carries a range of Sakura pens and here is the Sakura website so that you can have a close up look and good descriptions. My local art store, Michael's and AC Moore carry a wide range of Sakura pens. 
I also really like the Sumo Grip pen. The above self-portrait (which is kinda harsh of myself, really!) is with the Sumo grip. It leaves a very nice line. It a real nice writing pen too, very much a "glider." It is not permanent which is fun if you like to make inky drawings by brushing some water overtop.  I bet that would work well with ZenTangles. In fact, I'm gonna try that out! Right away! Gotta go.
Happy week all,


Jan said...

Congratulations to the Creative Wabbit! Hope you enjoy the pens. I guess I will have to get my own.

Wabbit said...

Thank you, Diana! And thanks to Jan and of course, to Sakura. I'm excited to have won the pens. Marilyn aka Wabbit

Sarah Anderson said...

Congrats Marilyn, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with those pens.

I used a non-permanent pen to zentangle Diana and spilt some water accidentally and had the same thought as you - ink washed zentangles, yummy ! Look forward to seeing yours :)

Jeannie said...

I had to laugh when I saw that the Creative Wabbit won the pens on Easter!!! Congrats Marilyn and wishing you hours of fun with your new pens.

Useful Books said...

Diana, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate the encouragement. I've spent several hours since then devouring all of the interesting things on YOUR blog! You're such a generous soul. THANKS!

Jeannie said...

I found some of the ice cream gel pens at Michaels. I love how smoothly the ink flows. Thanks for introducing them to me. Cheers.

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