Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zine Love

 Art Zines. To my mind, these self-published delights feel so immediate and honest in their self-edited humbleness. The less-than-absolutely perfectness of them. I just found Alchemy Studios shop on Etsy and ordered one of her zines and a bundle of 3 mini-zines. Solid writing that made me laugh and think about things. Small things. Good stuff. The Handmade Life I received was about simplification and I really admired the honesty it was written with. The mini-zines were a delight. 

These next two recommendations are more art book than zine, but a wonderful hybrid indeed.

Alma Stoller produces the wonderful Fabric Arts Zine. I own a couple of them and have enjoyed them over and over.  They are filled with ideas, interviews, art projects, artwork and goodies. Very nice.

Theo Ellsworth is another zinester I love. I have a few issues of Capacity and look through them periodically. His artwork (and these zines are all graphic novel-style artwork) is gently humorous and insightful. I just discovered his book Capacity over at Amazon. He has a very unusual mind.

If you have any zines you love (or published one yourself), let us know!


Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo excellent! Thanks for the adding to my summer reading/looking/gawking/inspiring list!

jfidz said...

I've published a small booklet 'A is for Art' - it details a very simple but extremely effective method for drawing easily recognisable images. I've sold a few on etsy.
Would love you to take a look.

Megan Greenholt said...

it freaks me out because when i am thinking about something or doing something, the next time i look a your blog, taadaah!, what i am trying to say is that i just bought a zine from a seller i stumbled upon on etsy, sprouthead. it is a good one. i will show you on tuesday:)