Monday, May 10, 2010

Traveling Artist

With summer just around the corner, it seems a good time for a discussion on traveling with art supplies.
Here is a post from last year about packing your art journal kit. (Yes! I am facilitating another Journal Meet on Friday, May 21 @ 7 pm, you can sign up here at the Yahoo Group; just go to the database and you'll see the listing for the Journal Meet.)

Part of the fun in attending art retreats, classes or traveling with your journal is the anticipation. Pack your favorite supplies with an eye to minimalism (what?! MINIMALISM?!) Yes, bring your minimum of favorite items with you. It's an opportunity to get creative with a limited amount of supplies.

And don't forget to bring a small journal with you to all of your classes for notes and, yes, fodder.

When traveling through Ireland a few years ago with my husband and (at that time) two teenagers. I kept it very simple: Journal, glue, scissors, pen and watercolors with a waterbrush. I didn't have time for much more than that. As it turned out, it was all I needed.


Rosemary said...

Oh, this gets me excited for summer travel. I’ve made a recommitment to my journal and look forward to bringing it along.

cathy slobodzian kress said...

Loved your artist's date grid photos, especially the telephone pole and your down-the-rabbit hole grids within grids! Art ... it's everywhere.

Jane LaFazio said...

nice page...ah traveling with a it. (oh, and with my husb along too!)

trish said...

journal meet up sounds so fun, wish you were close by:)
and IRELAND, I hoe to go there some day, in face, I'd LOVE to live there (I think, since I've never actually been there)

Chris said...

Well, I'm going to Paris and I'm doing this. I mean, what you said. I wasn't doing it until you said. Now, I'm doing it.

I have to go to the yahoo group. I have no idea what you're talking about, but if I don't learn, I'll never be able to talk about it.