Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Art & Soul Hampton, Journal Meet

Last week was so eventful! I'm just gonna start at the beginning and work forward. Friday night in Hampton was the Journal Meet. There was so much good will, rich and wonderful journal pages, chatter and passing of journals. I couldn't know where to begin. It was ... well, what else can I say? It was Journal Meet in Hampton. A carnival ride. Thank you all attendees! You are a generous group of talented journal keepers.
who's beautiful book is this? Let me know.
Edit, 6/2:
It is Paula Bodgan's book! Thank you Paula


Johanna said...

Thank you so much for organizing the Journal meet up once again! I admit to not getting much journaling done, as I was relishing the fact that I was back among my like-minded peeps in Hampton! I enjoyed the show and tell and socializing with fellow journalers. Great to see you once again - thanks!!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful tradition you have started!!!!!It was such fun and definately one of the highlights of my Hampton event!! I am thrilled to have met you and to find that we have so much in common. The journals were amazing and the excitement was palpable. I am continueing on with my work in the book that I started- trying to feed on the energy that was in that room!!!!

Paula said...

Loved both your classes and the journal meet! You're one awesome teacher. The book in the photo is mine!

Melly Testa said...

Great posts about Art and Soul Diana! Love your colorful corner of the world.

Jane LaFazio said...

What's a journal meet and where do I find one? looks and sounds so fun. and is that Jill Berry in the photo?