Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lyric Kinard Art +Quilt

I'd like to introduce you to another ArtSparker today, Lyric Kinard. Lyric is a master art quilter and a very popular teacher. She's done numerous appearances on Quilting Arts TV, has a DVD out and her book, Art + Quilt has been a joy to read and work with.
A+Q = a great foundation in the elements of art as they relate to quilters. Lyric's exercises  are a great hands-on illustration of the concepts she introduces and, really!, this is a book that any artist could embrace. Along with each concept, a look at the inspiration is included. Looking over Lyric's shoulder as she moves through the design process is really a help to understanding the concepts.

A+Q is filled with concepts to learn and teaches the art of inspiration and creativity. It teaches how to build and strengthen your craft. In other words (loosely quoted): Give a woman a fish and she eats for a day. Teach her how to fish and she'll never go hungry. This is a book to be worked through, scribbled in and to read with your journal alongside of you. A strong tool for quilters with a load of relevant information for any artist.

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Cat's Quilt Art said...

This book is very intriguing to me. I love art quilt and am continually working to learn more and more. I think I am going to look into this further.

Cat's Quilt Art