Monday, January 3, 2011

Buy Original Art

So many things are happening right now I hardly know where to begin. I'll simply start with a new venture by one of my dear MamaCita's.

Melissa Borko is hot! She's started a new blog called Buy Original Art. Melissa's intent is to bring artists and their work to the public and to encourage folks to buy original. This has everything to do with what I see as a change in our culture; it may be a reaction to the big box store and the overwhelming amount of technology that we trek through on the average day. We need this, people. We need to see the hand in the artwork be it textile, clay or paint. It's proof of humanity.

We support artists by purchasing their work, making it possible for those artists to make more artwork. Is it more expensive. Sometimes. Is it worth it? Yes. You can start small and then you begin to realize how much original artwork enriches your life. This is a trend. This is where we are going.
Milky Way, Karen Hunter-McLaughlin 2010
To this end, Melissa is featuring one Mamacita artist each month on her blog and this month, the featured artist is Karen Hunter-McLaughlin. Here is her page on the Mamacita website and you can read all about her on Melissa's blog here. I love this piece. First of all, it's the BACK of the flower (Queen Anne's Lace). I love those little black lines and that I feel like I'm lying on the hot ground on a sunny day staring through this flower into the sun. Lucky buyer, indeed.

Could you start a similar project in your area? Could we bloggers team together with other artists/bloggers and spread the joyous word? Yes, we could. Hellz-A-Poppin'! Happy New Year, indeed.