Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

Here's a little video I did for The Sketchbook Challenge. I enjoy these games and my students like them as well - from kids to teens to adults. Games like this are great for loosening up and training your eye. As you watch the pen move across the page, you begin to learn to control it. It's great practice!

Here's the finished drawing. I used pen, and then black ink and a brush. You can read more here on the Sketchbook Challenge blog.
Relax and have fun with this idea. Or make up your own drawing game and share it in the comments! Wouldn't that be fun!! Yeah! Get to drawing.


Lynn W, aka Alamosa Quilter said...

I did your little drawing game yesterday afternoon. I was skeptical, but it was really fun. My drawing didn't turn out that great but I'm sure I will get better with practice. I'll definitely do more of this!

cgoyer said...

I did the doodling warm up last night sitting in bed. Had a lot of fun and came up with an interesting page. Thank you so much for posting this and your other prompts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
Just hopped over from cwb, out meeting new friends.
I love the little books you create! My mother is a water color artist but I've never tried.
I'd like to delve into water color doodling after jude's class, which I am so anxious for.

Donna said...

I really like the freedom of the Drawing Doodle Game so I tried it on my sketch which I posted on my blog yesterday. I didn't fill it in because it wasn't the only thing on the page. I thought it might be a bit too busy. I do want to try one and fill it in though. It's so fun! D~~~~

Anonymous said...


Have a great day!
ciao bella


Sally Westcott said...

Wow. Thank you Diana! I was sitting at my desk looking at the white paper - frozen! Didn't know where to start! The I saw you blog post and I was off! I've done 2 already (and posted them on my blog). Then I I was ready to really do something "Highly Prized" Colour!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Loved doing this! Thank you.

Kym said...

I did this too. I combined it with the gray-page nudge that iHanna suggested. Two prompts in one and I enjoyed it.