Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates & Nudge 20

Oh my goodness! Thursday came and went without a Nudge. We'll get to it.

First, a bit of business. Inner Circle Journal is ready to roll. This is an online class. The blog is built (students will all be able to post), the camera is warmed up, the syllabus is written and you can find it all here in the side bar. The paypal link is there as well. Whoopee! I feel very good about offering this online class. I had my doubts at first but am really feeling that this will be a great experience for all. Hands-on, plenty of interaction with the other students and the syllabus has space in it for ideas as they come up.

My in-studio workshop, A Journal Spill, is also coming up. You can see the particulars in the sidebar as well. My studio has space for seven students so, if interested, please sign up.

So the belated Nudge #20. Pick out your all time favorite photo or journal page. Make a copy (or 3) and alter the copy. No examples because I'm on the fly here. But I'll post mine on Flickr in the next couples of days. Fun right?

Happy Valentine's Day all. xo Diana


Claire said...

wish i could attend your journal spilling workshop *sigh*
guess i'll just enjoy your book here in the UK :)
have just joined the creative revolutionaries... is there a code so i can put a button on my blog?

Diana Trout {} said...

Hey Claire, good idea with the code! I try to figure out how to do that.

Inner Circle Journal is an online class, if you are interested in that.

Claire said...

hi diana,
thanks for this :)
i did see your inner circle workshop, but having suffered a serious stroke 3 years ago (aged 43!) i only have use of my left arm... i've learnt to write and throw paint left-handed, but feel making a book one-handed is a bit beyond me :-?
will you be offering journal spilling online anytime?

Ophelia said...

Wow Diana, this looks great!!!