Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nudge 23 Good Karma

Definitely inspired by the boys I've taught in the past and Sam's terrific teeth from this post. I'm gonna tab this page and keep it handy. Teddy and I have both indulged ourselves over the winter (on different foods) and our waistlines are zaftig-ier than desired. I'm thinking instead of eating those foods, I'll try to remember to write them down.

Tangential writing ... Scroll down for Nudge 23 (unless you feel like reading).

It occurs to me that the stomach is an organ (machine). That actual bit that is inside of me (not the bigger bits hanging over my pants) is no larger than my fist. The stomach reacts like a muscle in that the more you exericse it (eat) the bigger it gets. The threat of warmer weather and less clothes is coming up fast. Spring's dark underbelly. Guffaw.

I'd love to continue with this kid-inspired nudge. It feels good. But let's do something else this week too. I'm thinking that the world needs more acts of kindness. That people who are in a bad mood might need a smile and a cheery hello this week. Is someone in line behind you impatient? Let 'em in. Is a co-worker really in a nasty mood? Offer to fetch a cup of coffee. Are YOU in a bad mood or feeling stressed? Tell someone and embrace it. It happens. Tell someone something wonderful and honest: her smile lights up your soul or his laugh always makes you laugh. Appreciate the people around you. Wrap your good karma around you and those you touch like a warm blanket. Write about it. How many acts can you do this week?


lyle baxter said...

what a fine idea. give a smile instead of the venomous finger.the recipient wont know what to do! as to the food maybe you could have a whole journal devoted to pics hand drawn or cut out so that you could open to page 5 and enjoy a low cal treat! I do have fun reading your posts. thanks

sisa said...

I enjoyed your post from A to Z: the drawings, the gorgeous color combinations (always!), your sense of humour. I know something about waistlines too (women over 50?!)Your good karma reached and envelopes me and I'll try to spread it!

Dotti said...

I like your style. I've never been a journaler, but wanted to dip my toe in the waters. I have your book Journal seems to be a good fit!

Diana Trout {} said...

Ha! Yes, spread the love and no rude hand gestures ;)

Dotti, too funny. Dip your toe in and than splash around!

Jane Davies said...

Thank you for this reminder to be kind. It's easy when you are in a good cheery mood, but I know I forget when I'm not at my best. As for the food: "winter pounds" just happen, and then comes Spring Cleaning. Pretty soon it's summer, and being active outside is a natural. Finding the balance..... always the key.

anna maria said...

Love these. Especially the one on the left, I think because of the teeth and that green behind his head in the midst of all the pink. Anyway they are both very cool.

Jacky said...

Love these Eating Machines!!!! What a great way to look at food (instead of eating it!!!).

Have been following your nudges these past few weeks and really enjoying them. I've had your book for quite a while was so lovely to see you pop up in Judes last class too).

Having fun...thanks Diana.

Jacky xox