Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nudge 24, Pattern Spilling

This week's Nudge is inspired by Jamie Fingal's theme for March over at the Sketchbook Challenge, Spilling. Ya'll know how much I love to spill.

Here's what I did: spilled buttons, coins, sticks, toothpicks, small stones. Pasta could be fun or small stones. How about rubber bands. Think about spilling items that are somewhat uniform in size and shape. And no arranging! I spilled on a contrasting background for my photo shoot so that the items would stand out sharply. 

What I'm looking for is the shape of the items and the shapes around them. And patterns, of course. 

You may want to just print the photos and find interesting areas of them. You may want to crop the photos and then print them.
Could you draw those shapes around the items (negative space)? Just the shapes, don't worry about the placement of the shapes. That way you will have a collection of drawn shapes in your journal for a resource. Look at where the pieces are going out of the range of the photo. More about that later. It gives the viewer a sense that the pattern continues outside of the picture plane.
I could probably spend two months using this as inspiration.

Let's use the comments to share ideas of what you spilled. And of course, upload to Flickr! Enjoy.


Laurie said...

Nice. I like this nudge!

Raylee said...

i remember doing something similar with gum leaves, & painting a design with watercolour,long ago,i have since used it for "nudge 12- rip it"

Diana Trout {} said...

Gum leaves? Is that used as a resist?

Raylee said...

no, just pick up a handful of gum leaves that have fallen from the "Australian Gum" trees & drop them spilling & see what pattern they make.

Diana Trout {} said...

Oh, lol, I thought maybe gum leaves were gummy.

Laura Lea said...

Oh boy this sounds deliciously fun! I can't wait to play with the pattern spilling. I've got some other projects to attend to first but I think I'm going to daydream and have nighttime dreams about this one.