Thursday, April 21, 2011


Beautiful found paper. I was caught in the act of peeling old posters from a wall. 
 Exotic ephemera opened my eyes again.
And the olive crackers were very delicious.

Congratulations to Connie of Colorado and Hannah in the UK for the Birthday Giveaway!


Diana said...

What a great devil you!

Joy Logan said...

what a fun way to be a criminal for arts sake

cmaeran said...

Italian ephemera!!
Thank you for the DVD! I can't wait for it to arrive..

Diana Trout {} said...

I like to think I was doing the good folks of Assissi a favor by clearing up their boards a bit. Really. The dates were past. But it was a bit of fun and I did feel like I was being "bad." :)

The dvd is going out in this week's mailing! f

Barbara : ) said...

Yes, yes, yes! Great idea - thanks for the inspiration. Zurich is full of those flyers and to explore!