Friday, May 6, 2011

June 2012, Italy!

Here is the video from Maggie's B and B where I stayed, just outside of Fabriano.

I spent some very happy moments on Maggie's terrace, sipping wine or cappucino (time appropriate) and making art or writing. I made my Italy-drenched paper here. The countryside was beautiful.

Plans are in the works for holding a week long retreat in Fabriano next June (2012). Watch here for updates. OMG! This area of Italy is too beautiful not to share!

Here is a picture of Susan (who invited me to Paradise) and I on Maggie's terrace on my first night.
Enticing, isn't it? Start saving you pennies, euros or pounds!


Dale Anne Potter said...

Have you been to Madrid, Spain? I'm going there for June 4th & 5th....I'm EXCITED!!!

Judy said...

Wow! Diana, what a stunning place to have spent time, lucky you.

Diana Trout {} said...

Isn't it beautiful there? I feel so lucky!