Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tape! Nudge 28

Get out your tape! I found a page from a previous Nudge that had been gesso'd and portfolio'd and added some sketches I made with washi tape from Pretty Tape over at Etsy. The washi tape is translucent, so I added a couple of layers. You could use any kind of tape: masking, duct, paper, fabric. Glued-up strips of paper. Use it as a stencil or a fastener. Use it as a tab.
Have some sticky fun!


Kerri Love said...

ohh very fun :) I also have paper first aid tape, it can be fun to work with, the cloth first aid tape is fun too ;)

Diana Trout {} said...

oh yeah! first aid tape + sharpies = fun! Great suggestion

Judy said...


Thanks for the link to Pretty Tape, had no idea there was such a place, and nudge 28 looks like fun.

sisa said...

Wow....I like this cool spread - reminds me of a graffiti wall!

Jane LaFazio said...

okay. just back from pretty tape, with ~$45 less in my pocket. thanks for the tip!