Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art Journaling: use your colors

I've been obsessed with yellow lately. It's the first color I see: bananas, tiny yellow flowers on a bush, the golden yellow leaves on the autumn trees, fabric, paper, embroidery thread. (I lost my favorite yellow embroidery thread on the airplane, boo hoo!).

So here's the idea.

This can be as simple as you want. Just start!

1) Find your journal (some paper will do fine). Decide whether you want to use paints, crayons, markers or old magazine pages. If collaging, you'll want a glue stick. Cover a journal page with that color.

2) While your page is drying, wander over to Sensational Color and click on the color you recorded in your journal. Read all about it. Is there a link between the color that is appealing to you and the description of the color? There was with me; odd isn't it?

3) Now do some writing. If you've used magazine pages you may want to either glue a piece of paper over top or you can just put down a bunch of rows of masking tape to write on. I wrote a list of things that were yellow, search through junk mail and magazines for snippets of yellow.

Hey! Why not try this with a bunch of colors. I'm going to do that. Oh go ahead and try it. Leave a link to your pages in the comments if you'd like. I'd love to see!
Happy Sunday

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Bess said...

GREAT link. I looked up all my favorite colors! That was so much fun!