Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A tardy welcome to my new blog, Hub Bub. I'm an artist and I teach adults and children from my studio, art centers and retreats.

Hub Bub will be stuff I find and do in my daily life that may inspire you: journaling ideas, tutorials, links. Oh! and recipes: cooking is great fun.
Books definitely, yeah! books are good.
The top picture is from my Teen Journaling class at my local library. The pic to your left here is one of my journal pages in which I ponder The Meaning of Life and then decide that it doesn't matter anyway. High Brow and Philosophical stuff on that page spread.


Anonymous said...

Look at you! You make you so proud. :-) Thanks for sharing the beet-dying inspiration and of course it's always a feast for the eyes to see your journal pages.

Dimitra Seiler said...

Diana -

You are so talented. You always share so many interesting things. Thank you.