Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Journal (going feral)

A new journal to get to know. This is the small sized watercolor moleskine which I purchased over the summer and began to fill. My daughter dubbed this process as a "journal going feral". Great description! Thought you may enjoy the beginning of this process. This paper is lovely and I'm just getting to know it here with some flowers painted in watercolor. You can sorta see the Japanese paper covering the inside front cover and more Japanese paper on the flyleaf page. Then there are some flowers painted with watercolors.

This is the front cover. Still kind of boring, though I added some Japanese fabric tape to the spine. I'll add more "stuff" to the front.

I thought it would be fun to try some different media and colors on a two page spread. Here is a test page with water colors mixed around and a rubber stamp with dye ink on wet paper and then on dry paper. I sprayed water and watched everything run together. Highly entertaining.
I'll post more pictures as this little journal goes wild. In the meantime, a test page is a great way to break in a new journal. Try it! Just smoosh around some paint or markers or whatever you have.


Amy said...

Nanny, do you write on your jornal every day?

Diana said...

Hi Amy, No not every day a whole page. Some days: nothing, or a word or a little drawing; somedays a whole bunch of stuff.