Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flowers and a snowstorm

Buon Giorno!

As the perfect foil for a March snowstorm, Jon and I hopped on down to the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. The theme this year was Italy and most of the gardens were very formal. I've uploaded more pictures onto Flickr. Imagine how you would feel wearing those shoes? Strutting and posing. You'd have to be smiling at least, if not in an all-out roar.

This is where I would go in those peacock shoes. An evening alfresco meal with fairy lights and wine. Crusty italian bread with olive oil. Roasted peppers and mozzerella, dates, figs and prociutto. And wine. Deep red wine interspersed with Pellagrino (so that you can drink more wine). Sitting on a moss covered bench, feeling the warm breeze off the Mediterranean as it drifts and filters through the ancient ruins of Rome.

1 comment:

Bess said...

with shoes like those i could blend in with the peacocks. They'd adopt me as their own!