Friday, April 24, 2009

Kitchy Kitchen Stuff and A Rummage Sale

I wandered over to Teesha Moore's blog a couple of nights ago, just innocently surfing the web, and saw these measuring spoons. Drool. So I went to Anthropologie and saw these measurinsg cups.

Alright now, I have B-Day money burning a hole in my pocket but have to wait 'til after Art & Soul's vendor night. Collage on Alberta (from Portland, OR), with all its inky, paper-y goodness, will be setting up their store on site as usual, double-trouble.

I do this every year: spend my birthday money 17 times before actually spending it. It's very fun in the whole delayed-gratification kinda way.

On the other hand, I scored some great deals at my friend, Cathy's, church rummage sale last night. Retail therapy without the buyer's remorse. Weirdest purchase was a hairnet made from real hair. What could be better and odder than that?My treasure hunt unearthed a bag filled with the following items: a bunch of McCall's Kaumagraph Transfer Patterns for embroidery, together with hand-embroidered table runners which are quite beautiful. I imagine all the time and care the embroiderer spent on these items. I'm glad they landed with me, as I truly appreciate them. I threw them into the washer with some laundry soap, a vintage tablecloth and some mustard colored fabric and guess what? Everything turned yellow. Actually the embroidered pieces look quite beautiful in a soft yellow glow.

Thanks for taking me along, Cathy!


Kel said...

I'm with you on the birthday money ritual - mine is always spent in so many different ways in my mind before the day comes. I am playing with embroidered handkerchiefs I found in Fremont after last year's Artfest.

Nerissa Alford said...

I just celebrated a birthday, too, so I'm in the same boat! Hope you had a great one. I'm looking forward to meeting you Friday night.
Sounds like you had fun shopping already :)

Bess said...

You know, i've always thought that table cloths were better in a soft yellow than a white any way. White is just plain too much trouble!