Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paper Quilting

I think this covered every technique I'm teaching at Art & Soul, Hampton in my Paper Quilting Class. (Self-promotional heads-up: there are still spaces available).What a great excuse to work with all of those luscious papers and play with ideas for making more decorative paper.

My little tag book of decorative paper techniques grows constantly:

I found a consistent foolproof method of image transfer that I'm looking forward to sharing with all of my students. Linda at Collage Closet will be at Vendor's Night selling the Jet Print paper I've been using for these transfers. This is "THE STUFF". ***See the pod and little birdie in the the quilt above.***

Thanks for all your help Linda.

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Bess said...

What a cool little tag book! That's such a neat idea. I think I'm gonna make one for words I like.

Like Chaucer, and Indubitably....