Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Journal Meet at A&S Hampton

Thank you all for your lovely emails and comments. I think that nasty cold/flu is finally retreating and I'm looking forward to answer everyone this week! Do you ever just get completely run down and emptied? I think that's where I was.

We had a great weekend watching my daughter graduate from college and walking all over campus and Chestertown, MD, which is a lovely, tiny little town on the Eastern Shore and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. We stayed in the dorms so were on hand for all festivities (whether we wanted to be or not ;). Here is a picture of Bess chatting up George Washington. She's home for a week before reporting to her first job, coincidentally at Valley Forge National Park!

So here are some pictures from the Journal Meet at Hampton. That was a total blast. Marie welcomed us with loads of space at Collage and we passed books around, supplies, ideas, exchanged emails and generally had a fabulous time. It was a cozy cocoon of sharing and good vibes. Thank you all for coming and spreadin' the joy!

I brought materials along to make bubble paper:
Bubbles (the blowing kind)
Bottle caps

Here's what you do:
Spill a couple of teaspoons full of bubble into a bottle cap and add a healthy squirt of ink (re-inkers work well)

Insert the one end of the straw into the bubbles and blow! As the mixture bubbles up, catch it on paper.

This is really a crowd please and great for outdoors. Kids love it.
If you are outdoors, you can lay large pieces of paper over the grass or a picnic table and blow the bubbles above the papers, As they land, they will pop and leave a beautiful pattern on the paper.
Adios for now,

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Jill Berry said...

I am SO going to copy you. Love the bubble idea, and so portable! If I had not been in class, I would have been in your group. Looking forward to the book; the postcard is on my board.
Loved meeting you, I know our paths will cross again and again.