Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Journal Play Under 30 Minutes

Hi all, This month has been crazy; graduations, proms, weekend company, new cars, birthdays and finally an extremely disruptive computer virus (Thank you Charles for fixing it for me).

I received an email from a student recently who works with underprivileged teens in New Orleans. She's looking for 30 minute journaling projects for her kids and asked for some help.

I'm happy to help, Karina! Thanks for the inspiration and your work. I thought my readers might enjoy these ideas as well.

Here are two:

1. Spill write over a couple of loose leaf pages. Keep the writing open and free because the next step is rip them into pieces and glue them down into your journal, covering the page randomly. As you work, think about the words you wrote.

Spill color of some kind all over the journal page. Write one more word or phrase on paper or tape that sums up your spill writing.

2. Grab a crayon and draw five large dots on your journal page. Be mindful of where you are drawing the dots. Color them in with a different color if you'd like. Be aware of the shape of the spaces around the dots. Now close your eyes. Randomly (eyes closed!) choose another crayon and connect the dots. Try to visualize where the dots are on the page, the color of the dots, the spaces around them as you connect them as best you can.

Now write again: was this frustrating? were you giggly? afraid you would make a mistake? Which colors did you choose? Do you love those colors and use them often? Or not?

Fill in all the spaces between the lines and dots with writing.
I'll revisit this topic "Under 30 minutes Journal Play". Busy times are coming up over the summer and we might all need a little inspiration!


Lucrecer said...

Excellent I idea. I love this.

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Love these ideas and the idea of journalling under 30 minutes! Thanks.

Karina said...

Thank you, Diana for the great ideas!

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