Monday, June 8, 2009

Front Porch Redecorating

Cozy, comfortable and always upcycled, here is our front porch. The table and chairs are 30 years old. The most unusual piece of furniture? The backless computer chair which serves as a footstool or, when entertaining, we set a tray of snacks on the top and roll it around the circle for everyone to share.

Yesterday, amidst house cleaning, lawn cutting, paper reading (etc.), Jon decided to get creative.

the designer
Here is our new cabana style curtain made from remnants from my fabric stash. We hung them with a complex system of binder clips and wire coathangers to a bamboo pole (stolen from a neighbor's yard). I love free stuff. The curtains cut down on the solar gain in the afternoon and make the porch more livingroom-like.
This artpiece is my favorite part of the remake

Between the two of us we've kept every license plate we've used in the past 32 years. They are linked together with one of J's favorite materials: tie wraps. I love it, it makes me smile.

I wish you could all come on over and sip a Mojito with me.

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