Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Art Classes

I have finally resolved my computer problems, cleaned out all viruses and added some RAM. This was not one of my favorite things to do. So during the endless, frustrating waiting periods, I made myself this little double yo-yo bracelet (using the tute here).

I could have thought of another gesture to make but under the circumstances, I'm taking the high road.

So this morning, I've been at the computer, which is whizzing along, updating the website with all the summer programs I have scheduled.

Here are the Backyard Studio Kid classes (2 so far)

Here are the FREE*** library programs. Teen Journaling at Abington, North Hills and Upper Dublin Libraries and ArtEscape (for kids 6-10) at Abington Library. A hearty thank you to our local libraries for funding these programs. They are the best!

Depending on how my new studio windows work with the air conditioning up there, I may do an adult workshop or two later in the summer.

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