Monday, June 1, 2009

Stick and Stones


So here's what I was doing. When I really should have been designing programs, answering emails, taking inventory and finalizing my summer schedule. I was wrapping a stick with quilt batting, then strips of silk, then a bit of bead and bauble-ry.

I'm usually pretty willing to do things like this with no need to rationalize but I have been so immersed, nose to grindstone, over the past several months that I really felt I needed an excuse to take a few hours to wrap a stick. It was a "put your money where your mouth is" moment.

Who cares what I did. Isn't that the definition of a vacation? What grand purpose does playing frisbee on the beach serve, right? It's fun, pure and simple: you laugh.

So I wrapped a stick and enjoyed every moment. My goodness. Just having fun with no purpose in mind sure does me good.