Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confluence of Happenstance

Confluence: an act or process of merging.

Take a brand new laptop, an upcoming trip to New Orleans and a Threadbanger video on making a fused plastic bag laptop cozy and you've got my current state.
Here's the short version:
Me (last Saturday): "Great! I've always wanted to try fusing my old plastic bags!"
Full of enthusiasm: this was just the thing.

I started trimming and fusing my old plastic bags, feeling pretty proud of myself for being so "green" and also feeling pretty cheap after spending all that dough on a new computer. Yep, this was going to be great! The fused bags were not looking as good as they had on Threadbanger but I remained confident.

Over the weekend, I did some more trimming and fusing, some more trimming and fusing and more ... and more. The whole thing was looking pretty sorry but still I remained cheerful and positive. Jon was supportive but skeptical.

Sewing went from OK to middling to jamming the dang thing under the needle and, deadline in mind, sewing like a deranged lunatic.

Anyway, it's finished, it's recycled, cozy, free and I feel completely confident that I could stick my laptop in there, drop it from the roof of my house and catch it when it bounces, unharmed, back up to me.

Mission: Accomplished. It doesn't look half-bad although I wish the back was the front. If you are a decent sewer with a stash of plastic bags, go for it. The whole deal took me about four hours. The thing I like best though is the notion that I've wrap up my shiny new computer in a bunch of trash.

PS: running over a bobby pin while sewing will absolutely break your needle.

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