Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soup Day

Happy Saturday morning! It is rainy, windy and cold today as a Nor-Easter blows up the coast. Just fine by me. I'm keeping cosy here with books, my journal and a big pot of Golden Beet Soup from Love Soup by Anna Thomas. It seemed necessary to make this soup last night and when I tasted it (with creme fraiche, of course) it seemed necessary to eat two bowls and decide that this is what the weekend would be. The book looks pretty good. It's vegetarian and I made the Beet Soup vegetarian, um ... well except that I used chicken stock straight the from WFM 365 box. Sorry purists, stock is too time consuming for me to make.

Jon and I both felt that this soup would have benefited with a bit of proscuitto or bacon sauted with the veg and, head's up, The recipe called for 4 cups of stock and 1 cup of water. I put in an additional 2 cups of stock. I guess this book would probably be better for the more experienced soup maker. I'll make a couple more recipes and check it out.

Tomorrow is my first-ever book signing at Barnes & Noble in Jenkintown. Wish me luck!


~Barb~ said...

Beets are the only food besides calamari that I just don't like...but hey, with creme fraiche, it might be do-able. LOL

Good luck on your book signing! I'm so excited for you. (My copy is on the way from Amazon, btw!) I wish you were coming down this way...I would so be in that line! :-) Have fun and enjoy "your" day!!!

Peace & Love,

anna maria said...

All the best for the book signing! and thanks for the soup book tip. I love soups and love them vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your book signing your book...think I told you that before.

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Good luck at your book signing! Your book is wonderful!

Ontheroad said...

Good luck tomorrow, Diana. You'll be swell.

Apple said...

I really like your book. I wrote a post on my blog about it...if you want to check it out. Here's the link:

Apple said...

Thanks! I am glad you like my blog!

anna maria said...

Hi Diana,
I just received my bracelet and immediately put it on! It's not coming off until I go to bed. I love it and your packaging was so sweet and thoughtful.
Thank you.