Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interview ... and other stuff

Sunday night. Magical in-between time. Catch up on laundry, watch a movie, read a magazine. Lay on the sofa stuffed with advil with my foot on a pillow.  Why, you ask?

Friday night was Wings & Beer night for Jon and I. We can't go more than two weeks without our fix. The best wings outside of Buffalo just happen to be at our local pub which also serves up a great selection of microbrew beer. What could be better? Loaded up with carbs and fat seems a good way to start a weekend.

At our favorite destination, I hop out of the car enthusiastically (yay!) and step right onto an icey bit of pavement with my ankle and foot out of alignment. Lying in a snowbank yelling "Ow" (only a bit more colorfully) is not the way to start a weekend. Needless to say, when I regained my senses and Jon pulled me to my foot, I hobbled directly into the pub, ordered a beer (wheat beer + strawberry = yummy) and requested one ice pack. No need for advil, as I'd been hitting that bottle pretty hard (snow+53 years old=hurtin' back and shoulders). It was an Olympic event! Speed Skating + Downhill = Diana at Union Jack's in a big dirty pile o'snow. Is that a di-athalon?

So it was very nice today to hear from Julie Murray that she had posted up an interview with yours truly, the Olympian. You can find it here. Many thanks to Julie for asking me some good questions! I enjoyed answering them. Sarah Anderson of The Art of Moodling has some pics posted here from a playdate with friends. They used Journal Spilling as a jumping off point and they sure jumped off. What fun. I get a huge kick from seeing how much fun people are having with JS, it just makes me smile inside and out. Many thanks to these two talented artists. I enjoy their work and blogs and am honored.


Julie Ranae said... happy to have been able to have you as one of my Autograph Sessions authors.

It's always so wonderful to learn more about the people behind the words and art....the feedback has been wonderful.

Sharli said...


I read your interview at The Open Window and really enjoyed it! You mention favorite techniques that I haven't even heard of! I'll have to do some research on those.

Love seeing your blog - and so sorry about your tumble - hope you're feeling better!

Janet said...

I just read your interview at Julie's blog. I liked your answers.

Sorry about your tumble. I hope your foot is better. I had to chuckle over what you said about hitting the bottle (Advil) as I'm 66 and my back always gives me problems!

Sarah Anderson said...

Yep, that definitely sounds like a Diathlon LOL Poor you, hope it starts feeling better soon! And I'm with you with the strawberry beer...yummy :)

scj said...

Oooh Diana - that sounds painful. I hope it will soon be better and you will be up and about again as normal.
I see that Hanna over at has beautifully reviewed your book too. I am not at all surprised that everyone is thrilled to discover it.

Keep cosy in all that snow.

Joanne Huffman said...

Hope your foot feels better soon. I'm headed over to your interview now.

Jane LaFazio said...

I'm going to read your interview, but just wanted you to know I started your book 'Journal Spilling' yesterday and i'm loving it. I just love your 'voice' that comes through in the writing and we have a lot of the same art materials in common.