Monday, February 22, 2010

Journal Spilling Book Review

I almost forgot ... (blood is shunting to my ankle). Hanna has reviewed JS, you can find the review here. Hanna does a lot of great stuff on her blog, mixed media, sewing, JOURNALING! She's a blast, go have a look. Many thanks to her and to SCJ (loyal blog buddy) for the nudge.


Janet said...

Hanna did a great review. In fact I liked it so much I linked to it on my own blog today!

Julia said...

After Hannas review I immediatly ordered your book by amazone ^^
unfortunately it will take 2-3 weeks till I get it (living in germany has that little drawback)
but I'm really looking forward to this and to pass the waiting time, I watch your youtube videos und try my hands on those techniques.
In response to your watercolor and resist video I uploaded my first youtube video ever (for some reason the quality is very poor though)

thanks for all the inspiration ;-)

Herm said...

Enjoyed this tutorial, but what did you use to cover the areas when painting the rust and purple colors? couldn't read the name on the jar you were using.

Paula Phillips said...

Hanna's review was wonderful! I can't wait to get a copy. Your work is definately an inspiration to me!
Much Love