Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Workshops

How about celebrating Spring with an art journaling workshop in my newly redecorated studio! Now doesn't that sound like fun? I'm so looking forward to having students here again.  I have the line-up right here at the top of the page. Blogger has a new (to me) feature to add "static" pages to your blog. Super cool right?

I'm still participating in the March Challenge over at Ning. It has been a real de-stressor. If I have 4 minutes, that's what I got.
If I have an hour, that is very nice too.


Sarah Anderson said...

oooo, didn't know you could add static pages on blogger now, thanks for the tip, that'll be handy!
now just wish i lived nearer (the same continent would help!!) to take one of your classes, I bet they're so much fun :)

Paula Phillips said...

Stunning pages Diana!
Enjoy your students, I miss teaching art... so rewarding.
Much Love

Melly Testa said...

I love red!

Jane LaFazio said...

what fun to spend saturdays in your studio with you...sorry I'm too far away.

Seth said...

Love both of the challenge pages.