Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Nudge, Week 2

stones from Vermont
OK, fellow Creative Revolutionaries ... Here is your nudge for this week.
Take your camera with you today. That's it. Just take it everywhere you go. To work or the grocery store. To pick up the kids from school. On a walk.

Spin around and shoot off a few pictures. Take a picture of your shadow or the sky or your front stoop. Take a picture of the book you are reading, your desk, your co-worker. Take a picture of your dinner. Try not to take a picture of your kids or your pet. Yes, I know that is hard.

You don't need to be a Photographer, you just take a few shots. Five minutes.

Here are some tips. Look through the lens. When you think you are close enough to your subject, take a step forward, take a breath and hold you camera steady with both hands. Shoot. Get down lower and shoot, turn the subject around (or walk around it) and shoot some more. Try a couple of different angles. Aren't digital cameras the best?

Next week, we'll do something with the picture. Of course, feel free to do something with the pictures right away (such as posting them, unadorned on The Flickr Pool).

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Karen said... your blog! Just jumped into the art journal nudge...thanks for doing this. Just posted on Flicker and i already have been out this morn taking pics! My head is full of great ideas!Thanks again!