Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nudge, Week 3

Here I am back with a week 3 Nudge. Did you take a photo last week? If not, you are really a slacker! (and you just use some other photos that are lurking on your camera or hard drive).

This week we are doing something I almost never do. Transferring photos to my computer and printing them. I slid my photos into a word doc and resized them, then printed the whole page out on sticker paper. You could use regular printer paper (sticker paper is pretty cool though. I use the full size shipping labels, about $11 for 25 sheets, Office Max). I had some spaces on the page so I typed out some words - nothing fancy for me.

I pretty randomly stuck my little picture onto a journal page but it is calling to me for more of something. Not sure what, though. The nice thing about this is that you can just stick the pictures into your journal any old place. It doesn't have to be a full page that you do RIGHT NOW.

Have some fun and post up your pictures on Flickr.
Email me if you have a Nudge idea! Remember, they should be very quick 5-10 minute ideas or they can be broken down into very quick ideas.


Anonymous said...

SUCH a clever idea to print on to sticker paper!!

lilotte said...

I'm French and I don't know what "nudge" means ... Could you explain it to me ?

Diana Trout {} said...

Lilotte, Nudge is a gentle push. Another word, in this case, for prompt.

iHanna said...

I've been a good girl catching up. I did post my fabric page yesterday and then also brought my camera to town and took a tone of strange photos of shadows, signs, patterns and shop window displays! :-)

Adrian said...

VERY cool idea. Now I won't feel so guilty about using up ink in my printer b/c I'll have ready to stick pix. Thanks!!!

MadameRenard said...

Good idea!
Today (and probably tomorrow) I'll work on it and on the first nudge!
I have a ton of photos made the last week :)))
(Silvia from Italy)